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David S
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Message 1406896 - Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 14:04:33 UTC


It was just sent to me as the 6th user after the 5th timed out. From the top, the statuses are

--Not started by deadline
--Completed and validated (but actually has a CUFFT error)
--Inconclusive (I bet I match this one, and then I wonder what will happen)
--Timed out
--In progress (me)

Why is an error showing as valid?

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Profile William
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Message 1406911 - Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 14:28:06 UTC

probably the manual validation script being overgenerous.
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Message 1406929 - Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 15:04:05 UTC

As William said, that's because manual validation script, which was used a while ago to fix something... anyway, the WU does not have a "canonical result" yet, so don't abort it or so, if returned successfully your result will be the one, that will be entered into the database.

I aborted many such apparently unnecessary results back than when this script was activated, but I missed the thing with canonical results, so now those two are still sitting there and waiting for somebody to kick something, BOINC can't apparently handle such things by itself. Ups...
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Message boards : Number crunching : v6 with one valid?

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