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Message 1354932 - Posted: 9 Apr 2013, 7:18:21 UTC

I have seen a number of the green triplet signals on the few tasks I've run so far, but I haven't seen this on any of them, nor on the forums. Curious as to what it could be. It's most likely insignificant, but I am interested in astronomy stuff.

I have a couple of other screen caps showing the bulge in different areas, as well as the rest of the white bar being lower or the bulge being higher.

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Message 1355050 - Posted: 9 Apr 2013, 15:33:14 UTC - in response to Message 1354932.  

what you have found is seti@home screensaver demonstration the app attempting to fit a Gaussian curve(bump) to the data. the curve and triplets don't always fit well as you can see from your screenshot. Visual inspection of data is kinda pointless. the screensaver, which is pretty useless in flat panel monitors, is meant to be pretty and something to look at. It wasn't intended for you to visually find things.

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