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Message 1346042 - Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 7:18:15 UTC , can some one who understands why, explain to me the reason my cpu does so poorly running seti@home..

Completed and validated 11,323.47 93.14 SETI@home Enhanced v6.03

^ thats an example. 11,000+ seconds of crunching = a meer 93.14 credits/cobblestones. I don't understand why my work is so low on credit.

I would prefer Seti@Home use 50% of cpu 100% of the time
I have a quad core and designate 2 cpu cores to run with 2 concurrent gpu project workunits

Seti:2 cores / 100% of time
Milkyway:2 cores + 1 gpu / 2 work units at a time 100% of time.

I used to be using BoincTask's but just today upgraded to the 7.0.55 x64 beta version so I could run 2 WU at a time on one gpu (7970).

Can anyone educate me or assist me here, would be greatly appreciated.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : SETI@HOME running on CPU only

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