This is where Kennedy's assination began...Hoover.

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Message 1344584 - Posted: 9 Mar 2013, 15:34:01 UTC
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Please watch this. The same guys who took down Kennedy, and why.
It's a 48 minute documentary. So get a cuppa or a beer and relax and indulge me.

It was posted on the History Channel, not Fox News.
It was first posted over a year ago. Given. Not new revelations.

But, you cannot deny, once you watch the whole vid, that Hoover, and then Johnson, were behind the shooting of JFK.

JFK avowed to out all 'secret societies' within the government. And that is exactly why he was assassinated. There were simply too many with oxes to be gored not to let him proceed.

He and Hoover were tied by the covert info that Hoover had on him.
And he decided to stand up and fight.
Kennedy was not a saint.......and Hoover had a lotta s$$t on him.
And so it came down to a stand down.

Things went downhill from there.

And I watched the whole vid.
Although they mentioned several times his death, I don't think they ever mentioned even one the manner of his death. Makes you wonder.

May have been the unravelings of his own secret society.
Created by himself. And then, being his own undoing.
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Message 1344707 - Posted: 9 Mar 2013, 21:04:02 UTC

I saw that when it was first aired. J.E. Hoover Had a lot of info on a lot of politicians has have been revealed in later years. I think it was one of the reasons he was never fired.

I however allways thought that Castro was the one who had JFK killed. JFK did try to oust Castro with the bay of pigs fiasco. Plus I have read about some attemps to hire mob hit men to whack Castro but not sure if that is credible.

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Message boards : Politics : This is where Kennedy's assination began...Hoover.

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