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Questions and Answers : Windows : Help me please.

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Trevor Minton
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United States
Message 1309256 - Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 14:09:27 UTC

I am encountering problems in the manager that says " Waiting to contact project servers." And when I begin to use the screensaver it says "NO RUNNING TASKS" in the top left corner.

rob smithProject Donor
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United Kingdom
Message 1309262 - Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 14:39:35 UTC

The server that allocates tasks has decided that it too wants a holiday. Rather annoying really because I was about to hit the go button on a new cruncher, but with the servers down I will join you in having to wait for a better day.
Bob Smith
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Profile Julie
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Message 1309314 - Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 17:21:40 UTC

Same here:( It has been days already that I don't have any running tasks.


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Message 1309703 - Posted: 24 Nov 2012, 11:03:00 UTC

Scheduler crashed:
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Help me please.

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