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Message 969583 - Posted: 10 Feb 2010, 15:50:54 UTC

I am a new user, and I have a general question. The SETI @ Home box shows a Data Info. section. In this, the date is wrong for "date recorded". I thought this would be real time? Also, for the "recorded at", it says unknown. I thought it would say "Arecibo"? Can someone clarify? Otherwise it seems to be working fine for me.
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Message 969587 - Posted: 10 Feb 2010, 16:32:27 UTC - in response to Message 969583.  

The date recorded is the date Arecibo recorded the data. not the date it was sent to you.

By reading this a bit closer I assume you are reading the info off of the screen saver and not the BOINC manager. I can only assume that Seti@home doesnt fill in the info for the "recorded at".

I wouldnt worry to much about the screen saver. the data you'll want to look at is on the BOINC manager.
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Message 969666 - Posted: 11 Feb 2010, 0:51:32 UTC - in response to Message 969583.  

I thought this would be real time?

No, that data is not in real time. The data is recorded by Arecibo, then sent to Berkeley to be split into workunits, which are divided into tasks to be sent to crunchers. Once the data is processed and verified, the canonical result is stored in the Master Science Database. Any interesting signals will be checked and re-observed at a later date.
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