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Message 969263 - Posted: 8 Feb 2010, 16:41:01 UTC

How sensitive are the SETI instruments used to scan outer space?

And what if an alien signal that reached one of the SETI satellites (or some other SETI instrument) was in a form that humans cannot decode/decipher/decrypt? (don't know which word to use). It'll just be discarded along with all the other junk signals that are received all the time right?

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Message 970843 - Posted: 16 Feb 2010, 8:11:02 UTC - in response to Message 969263.  

The stuff we would detect would be a carrier wave if they have a way ro transmit in radio frequency. We are in the backwaters of the galaxy we are so distant fromother stars it would take 73000 years mto reach the closest one and we cant detect anything there. This is at speeds we can achieve about 11 miles a second about 60000 MPH. Here is the sticky side of this everything is wizzing off at 3 million miles per hour towards the virgo cluster. You also have to catch up to hurtling bodies screaming away from us. Their reletive posistion in space will change by the rime to get there. We have senitve instruments to detect signals from distant objects. That is if we are eveb close to a frequency they might be on. In the lapse of time over vastdistances we might not be in the right posistion to hear a message. O)ur radio dignals sent over the last 100 years are reaching the nearest stars. If they have the right equipment they might pick up I Love Lucy, maybe the Ed Sullivan Show and soap operas. God help us if are pickinhg up some of this crap.
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Message 972335 - Posted: 20 Feb 2010, 17:30:05 UTC

Can anyone assist me with this question?

Sometimes I see triplets that have green tabs on each of the spikes- what is the meaning of the green tab? I know test signals are sometimes implanted into the data to test the software- is that what the green tabs designate? If not, then what is their significance?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.
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Message 973543 - Posted: 23 Feb 2010, 14:55:34 UTC - in response to Message 972335.  

the green tabs indicate the spikes and or triplets that the app has found or thinks that its found.
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xavier vila

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Message 976613 - Posted: 7 Mar 2010, 23:39:58 UTC

For what I read so far, we are looking for aliens that will consider mathematics or algebra as a way to communicate. If they are logical with our type of logic, they will also have their concerns about to whom they will call. They may then issue calls, if they decide to issue them at all, based more on a test of ¨goodness¨ and ¨values¨ than in pure mathematics or algebra. Just I have no way to go further in this concept.
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