how can i have more running project

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Message 957155 - Posted: 18 Dec 2009, 17:52:35 UTC

recently my BOINC just run one project when my Laptop is running and 2 when it is on standbye . i can not improve these number from performance .
last week i have 3 running project at least and somtimes it reach to 5 . what should i do ?
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Message 957172 - Posted: 18 Dec 2009, 18:26:46 UTC - in response to Message 957155.  

I assume that you are talking about work units when you say "projects" It looks like all your computers have a GPU that can run Seti work. you should be able to run 3 WUs at a time using both CPU cores and your GPU. I assume your BOINC has your GPU usage set to standby if the Computer is in use. This isn't unusual and you should probably keep it that way. the nvidia 8400 isn't very powerful and may lag if its running when you are using the computer. I do hope you have Laptop fans for yours. Seti can run a laptop very hot.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : how can i have more running project

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