Exoplanets and the ‘lithium problem’

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Message 948506 - Posted: 20 Nov 2009, 14:37:36 UTC

Exoplanets and the ‘lithium problem’

... The discovery could also help to further accelerate the discovery of exoplanets — about 400 have been found so far — by narrowing down the field of stellar candidates.

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Message 962798 - Posted: 11 Jan 2010, 22:36:19 UTC

TEDIdeas worth spreading

Garik Israelian is a spectroscopist, studying the spectrum emitted by a star to figure out what it's made of and how it might behave.
It's a rare and accessible look at this discipline, which may be coming close to finding a planet friendly to life.----->Garik Israelian: What's inside a star?

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Message boards : SETI@home Science : Exoplanets and the ‘lithium problem’

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