Desolation (Feb 04 2009)

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Message 862024 - Posted: 4 Feb 2009, 22:01:23 UTC

Moving on... We seem to have eventually recovered just fine from the replica resync, as well as the outage in general. Traffic is still very high, but at least just below the point of impossibility. The assimilator queue is indeed dropping, which is a good thing, as that means we're inching closer to removing all the excess workunits and results from the disk, as well as the database. We still seem to be dealing with the result indigestion I described two days ago, but this too is sloooowly getting better over time.

We've been having some load issues on the web server (thinman). There were no obvious signs of being DOS'ed or over-spidered, if anything it seemed like apache developed a memory leak. I yum'ed in the latest kernel, rebooted the machine (in case anybody noticed a 5 minute outage earlier today), and it looks okay at this point. Maybe just a simple case of reboot-itis.

Just found another potential problem with the radar blanking code. Sigh... (Don't worry - it's not a C++ issue).

- Matt

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Message boards : Technical News : Desolation (Feb 04 2009)

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