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Message 32469 - Posted: 4 Oct 2004, 1:00:21 UTC

Are the BOINC credits ever being updated? Mine have not changed since September 19th even tho I am crunching at least one-a-day. I'm stuck on 2337.22. I have reloaded the program many times and the newest version has been installed, all without an increase.
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Pascal, K G
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Message 32489 - Posted: 4 Oct 2004, 2:41:05 UTC

My name is Pascal and this message has no meaning, but still has my approval...

It is 10 oclock, do you know what your WUWUs are doing tonight...

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Message 32511 - Posted: 4 Oct 2004, 3:51:01 UTC

Reloading, reseting, and reinstalling are more likely to delay credit than just letting the client run. Upgrading to the latest version is normally a good idea though. It can be installed on top of the old version without loosing any work.

It takes some time for credit to be granted. I would guess an average of just under 2 weeks when things are running smoothly. Once you build up a pool of work waiting to be validated then you will start getting credit on a more regular basis (assuming the validator and transistioner are running).

John Keck -- BOINCing since 2002/12/08 --
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Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC Credits

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