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Questions and Answers : Wish list : New merge function

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Joined: 13 Jul 07
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Message 829636 - Posted: 12 Nov 2008, 16:21:20 UTC

I would like to have these new function:

Merge Computers only by name, without any regard of hardware (processor, ...).
That gives the opportunity to overtake the credits from an Computer wich isn't in use anymore.

Volunteer tester
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Joined: 9 Apr 02
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Credit: 33,495,322
RAC: 16,497
United States
Message 829714 - Posted: 13 Nov 2008, 2:22:16 UTC

Credits aren't lost from a computer that isn't crunching anymore. In fact, you can delete old hosts that aren't crunching anymore and your total credit will not go down.

Questions and Answers : Wish list : New merge function

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