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Tony Graham

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Message 768962 - Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 7:08:47 UTC

I'm trying to restart a new project after some time abscent from the program but get message "Invalid projectURL:http:///" I do not have a URL. When I open Boinc Manager the only button available is "Attach to new project'. In the message box I have a URL box (I don't have one) and account key box. I put in my account key and get the above message replied. T
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United Kingdom
Message 769005 - Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 9:55:14 UTC
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Hi Tony

Is the computer you're using already attached to the other project? If it's already attached, the other project will be listed in your Boinc Manager Projects window.

If the computer isn't attached to the project, in your Boinc manager Tools menu select Attach to Project. You'll then get the attach wizard. If you want to attach to one of the projects listed, just click on its name so that its URL is selected for you. If you want to attach to a project not listed, you can probably find its URL in Zombie's list here:

You'd need to type or paste the project URL into the attach wizard. If you've ever attached to the project before on any computer, attach again as an existing member.

Has my answer dealt with what you really meant, or are you trying to do something different?

If you're trying to attach the computer to SETI so you can get new tasks, follow the same procedure but select SETI in the attach wizard project list. Its URL will automatically be put into the box for you. Say you're an existing member and use the same email address as when you originally attached to SETI.
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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Cannot attach a new project

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