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Message 762967 - Posted: 4 Jun 2008, 22:20:47 UTC


I'm currently looking to join a team from the US Upper-Midwest, preferably from the Minnesota/North Dakota area.

I'm currently running Seti@home on 7 computers (two P4 2.4GHz, one Celeron 2.4GHz, one AMD64 dual-core FX, one AMD +2400, one AMD +1800, and finally one P3-800), however I am looking to expand to 9 total computers by the end of the month (one Gateway Xeon dual-processor server a college threw out, and one P3-900 HP Laptop that I just got a new HDD for)

I am from the Red River Valley in North Dakota and I am an amateur optical astronomer and beginning radio astronomer (just setting up my first 3-meter radio telescope to capture data from Jupiter, Saturn, and possibly later pulsars),

If you are interested in having me on your team, let me know!

Clear Skies,

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Message 763017 - Posted: 5 Jun 2008, 3:04:50 UTC

Team Carl Sagan is an International team crunching in honor of the great Dr. Carl Sagan. Should you not find what you're looking for, we would like to invite you to join our team ! :o)

Carl Sagan

Best regards,

Profile Sarge
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Message 763132 - Posted: 5 Jun 2008, 12:20:44 UTC

A team created by someone in the upper mid-west.
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Looking for Upper-Midwest Team

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