I wish another font for these pages (same as for BOINC Beta)

Questions and Answers : Wish list : I wish another font for these pages (same as for BOINC Beta)

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Message 302 - Posted: 12 Jun 2004, 14:09:19 UTC

Arial (or an Arial look-a-like font) is not very reader friendly on the Internet. It's not a question of taste but the present font (as of today) is rather narrow.

As a journalist I always learned you should make your work as readable as possible and never to use narrow fonts.

Thank you and greetings from Denmark.

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Message 547 - Posted: 23 Jun 2004, 1:24:37 UTC

Actually I and many other people prefer Arial and other sans fonts to the 'serif's. It IS a question of taste.

Besides, changing the font on the not-yet-live website should be next to last on the priority list at the moment. Just below "choreograph BOINC 10th Anniversary SuperBowl Halftime Show", and right above "sign Sasquatch as Official BOINC Mascot". Thank you for playing.

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Message 570 - Posted: 23 Jun 2004, 5:19:31 UTC

I like Arial
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Message 1772 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 8:15:01 UTC

If you use a browser like Firefox(mozilla) you can override the fonts on a page, and get the forum looking as you wish. FWIW, as someone who has only just installed Firefox I've found it quite impressive.


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Message 2817 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 14:39:30 UTC

Statistically, people tend to prefer sans-serif fonts on-screen and serif fonts off-screen, which is why I made this website default to Verdana.

I did not, however, make the fonts so alarming large. That's something they changed after I left BOINC; and something I wish they'd change back. Large fonts like this make the website look amateur and unprofessional.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : I wish another font for these pages (same as for BOINC Beta)

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