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Message 723272 - Posted: 8 Mar 2008, 4:58:21 UTC

7 March 2008

I Believe in Seti!

At this point $106002.91 has been raised. This is short of the goal and I see no way that we can reach the goal unless a second drive is started or people start to look at what is happening. The problem is that people dismiss it or figure that someone else will pick up the slack. No one is telling everyone else that the funding issue is real. Well it is REAL!

It becomes time, If you Believe that You find a way to support Seti. Sorry, I see people asking about upgrading to another Seti Cruncher and have not thought about "now I have a new Seti Cruncher and Nothing to Crunch."

Seti has been running "only" on public funding for the last two years. It is those that have found something in their "Heart" that is keeping Seti Alive!

I understand that some feel that the cost of my computers and electricity is one thing. I understand those that are barely making ends meet.

Beyond that, we are getting to where things may not be there tomorrow or next week. I Hope this gets everyone to start thinking of how we can insure that Seti is here for the next two years. That is what is needed.

Right now, "we" are in danger of falling short of what is needed. Waht is needed is more people that can share the word.

Thank You for your time and consideration. Ideas are Welcome!



Please consider a Donation to the Seti Project.

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Message 728780 - Posted: 21 Mar 2008, 20:33:20 UTC


SETI@home is still in need of donations to keep the doors open and the work units flowing. Please spread the projects need of HELP around your team forums and chat rooms. Every Penny helps! Even adding a simple text signature helps spread the news.

Hope you are all well!
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