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Message 263 - Posted: 11 Jun 2004, 8:19:08 UTC

I'm running the BOINC Beta Test. Now I try to add the s@h project on one of my hosts for running both projets at the same time.
I have a problem:
My System is an XP3200+ on Linux with the CoreClient BOINC 3.07, but I think it is a general problem.
I have added the new s@h project with the start-option -attach_project and have set the right URL and the right new key. So I have got a host on s@h.
So far so good - boinc loaded new work, but give it to the (running) BOINC Beta Test project. So I have a new account-file and a new (empty) project-folder.
Starting BOINC, it shows both hosts, but uses only one.
So I have tried another thing:
- kicked the BOINC Beta test with -detach_project
- saw, account-file and project-folder dissapeared
- running BOINC an see: s@h downloads work an cliend
- now s@h was aktive
- again -attach_project for BOINC Beta Test
- now s@h is runnig, but not the BOINC Beta Test

So, maybe the CoreClient ist not able to run both projects at the same time. I saw, the s@h client for both projects is the same, the BOINC-program too.

I hope, someone know something about this Problem

Greetings from Germany
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Message 280 - Posted: 11 Jun 2004, 15:36:22 UTC

They are not supposed to always run concurrently.
Sometimes it will be running project A for a day, then project B for a day etc. if your settings are 50% to each project. Multiprocessor machines sometimes run the projects at the same time (but it's a little random).
Don't worry too much about it. After a short while it will start to switch between the projects the way you told it too.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Problems running two projects at the same time (ap/sah)

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