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Message 18195 - Posted: 27 Aug 2004, 13:29:47 UTC

Does anyone know how to contact the S@H admins? It would be nice to have a schedular up and running when they SAY it is supposed to be up and running! God, this is getting aggravating! They keep resetting the damn project and so we have to reset, losing all stored WUs and credits!
Why, with all the brains at Berkeley and in Silicon Valley (practically next door to Berkeley) can't they squish these bugs BEFORE they release the project?!?! I mean, surely they debugged their own code before they released the project!?!?
IMNSHO, they ought to stop the project, and go over the code for every aspect of this project, line-by-line, and get the bugs out before they restart it again!
Seriously, if someone knows how to contact someone "in charge" of this project, please pass along a small request -- a "real-time" status page that doesn't require human intervention so we know if the system is actually running or not! I find it highly aggravating to read the news on the front page that states "everything is back up" and then not be able to connect. I even tried telnetting to the damn servers on port 80 and not a one of them responded! Not to mention that we get timeouts trying to download the latest version of the S@H client software!
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Message 18203 - Posted: 27 Aug 2004, 14:00:31 UTC - in response to Message 18195.  

> Does anyone know how to contact the S@H admins?

Have you tried reading the other message boards?

Rom Walton has been answering many things- including, maybe some of your questions, and actually we should be more patient.

Do not worry so much!, everything will be fine and dandy and things will work out in good shape.

Just take it easy!!

I have had no units for one week now and keep crunching Predictor's ;-)
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