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Message 12087 - Posted: 24 Jul 2004, 20:44:37 UTC

What will they come up with next?

US soldiers are set to be issued with new dried food rations which can be rehydrated with urine.

Food scientists have developed a pouch containing a filter that removes 99.9% of bacteria and most toxic chemicals from the water used to make it edible.

The new chow was invented by the Combat Feeding Directorate, the team behind the "indestructable sandwich" which stays fresh for three years.'PEE'%20SOUP%20JOINS%20ARMY%20RATIONS

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Message 12097 - Posted: 24 Jul 2004, 21:04:51 UTC

Well, astronauts have been drinking their own pee for years...

<a> [/url]
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Message 12214 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 5:11:02 UTC

LOL! If you can eat it why not drink it? :)
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