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Message 118179 - Posted: 3 Jun 2005, 18:16:43 UTC

I just logged into your newly designed websight and checked my account. You show that I have 330 copleted W.U.'s;But on my Seti@home Client it shows that I have 880. I liked the old website better. I like to know what percentage I'm listed as and the ranking of those who signed on the same date.
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Message 118191 - Posted: 3 Jun 2005, 18:58:37 UTC

The old Classic Seti WU's don't apply to BOINC Seti. The number is only displayed for historical purposes.

The 330 represents the number of WU's completed at the time the Seti people did their last snapshot. Your 880+ will eventually show up.

BOINC uses a completely different system of "credits", based on a complicated process involving "cobblestones". Each client calculates what it thinks it deserves for processing a WU. After the project receives a quorum of similar results for the same WU, it hands out the same "credit" to each particiant in the WU.

You can see your "credits" total grow over time, similar to the old WU totals. You can see your total compared to others, but I don't think you can directly compare against others who started on the same day.

having said that though there are lots of 3rd party web sites that do tons of BOINC reporting.

--- bt
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