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Message 97977 - Posted: 12 Apr 2005, 21:19:59 UTC

If I lookup my status in http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/sah/stats/user.gz for a given day at my statistics, it is always wrong, but incrementing. Is the server that generates this file in a time dialation field, and running normal, but slower relative to us?

There is a thread on boincstats.com, and aparently others are seeing this same issue.

This event seems to have started April 7th. It continually shows less work done than was done, and is getting more and more wrong every day.

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Message 98211 - Posted: 13 Apr 2005, 9:37:51 UTC

Hello Klatu,

there is a threat over @ 'number crunching' already.
Gruesse vom Saenger

For questions about Boinc look in the BOINC-Wiki
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Questions and Answers : Web site : XML statistics are wrong/old

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