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Profile Jaaku
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United Kingdom
Message 85490 - Posted: 12 Mar 2005, 22:35:19 UTC

There should be a setting in team options to switch between the order they are set at ever 'seti classic WU order' which they are at now, 'total CS order' which i would like! Its a bit messed up in my view people who have just joined BOINC-seti have lots of credit have to be on the 100th page .. unfair!


Profile Saenger
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Message 85665 - Posted: 13 Mar 2005, 12:47:38 UTC
Last modified: 13 Mar 2005, 12:48:51 UTC

Hello Jaaku,
IMHO they could skip the statistics here on this site completely.
The task distribution that works fine is this:

The project cares for programming and science. And delivers some raw data.
The community cares for statistics, competition, graphics...

If they would skip this rudimentary statistics on this page alltogether, it would be much clearer.
A better explained stats-page, with perhaps some more links, if necessary, and 'complaints' would go where they belong (if neccessary at all): To Toby, Willy, Neil, Petrus, Zain, Janus.....
Gruesse vom Saenger

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Questions and Answers : Web site : Team order

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