what happens with my workunits ?????

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Message 82153 - Posted: 23 Feb 2005, 11:56:34 UTC

My classic seti@home says that I have completed 2952 workunits, but I cannot connect to seti server to upload the last result.

I've downloaded and runned Boinc, then opened the certificate, but it says that I have only 2300 seti wu on May 2004 and (obviously) 0 wu Boinc.

what happens between May 2004 and today ?

where can I see my correct score ?


Mauro (gomez)
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Message 82156 - Posted: 23 Feb 2005, 12:39:44 UTC

Hello Gomez,
when Seti Classic is shut down, there'll another update of the crunched classic WUs to your account here in Boinc.
How they will be counted, as an extra line in your cert/stat (what I think will happen), or somehow transfer it to credits (what I doubt will happen), I do not know.
But the 652 WUs are not lost ;-)
For to see the actual WU count and your Boinc credits in one certs/stat, you have to browse the stats/team pages atm.
Gruesse vom Saenger

For questions about Boinc look in the BOINC-Wiki
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Colin Porter
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United Kingdom
Message 82190 - Posted: 23 Feb 2005, 15:37:38 UTC

With the switch over coming very soon now by the look of it, then maybe a notice about the WU snap shots should be posted on both the SETI BOINC home page and the certificates page to save a lot of questions and disappointment for those switching to BOINC for the first time.
BOINC-Wiki-Thanks Paul

It's not the speed but the quality. Until I get a faster computer.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : what happens with my workunits ?????

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