Certificate of Computation

As a token of our appreciation for your participation in SETI@home, we offer a free Certificate of Computation. Your Certificate of Computation is shown as a web page or JPEG image, which you can print from your Web browser.

SETI@home Classic participants

You can use this form to create a certificate showing your Classic workunit totals. If needed, link your account to your Classic account, then return to this page.

Tips for printing the certificate (details vary according to your browser, printer, and operating system):

Page Setup

  • Landscape orientation
  • Set all headers and footers to blank
  • 100% scale
  • Print Background
Printer properties
  • Best quality
  • Black & White
Browser preferences
  • Display resolution: 96 dpi

Three certificate styles are available:


This certificate looks sort of like a diploma. You can view it without a border (if you want to print the certificate on paper that already has a border).

Show SETI@home/BOINC credit
Show SETI@home Classic credit

Photo certificate

This version includes your choice of SETI-inspired photograph.

Show SETI@home/BOINC credit
Show SETI@home Classic credit



This version uses a futuristic font.

Show SETI@home/BOINC credit
Show SETI@home Classic credit

Many thanks to Sergio Alonso for developing the photo and modern certificates.

In addition, the following BOINC certificates are available:

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