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761197 ("Hi there, I am from Evesham in the UK. I am 40 years old. I used to work for the European...")
7parsecs ("I am a multidisciplinarian artist/graphic designer/web designer/film buff/amateur jack of...")
7Fred7 ("I'm an English fella, age 52, living in Thailand since '96. Fortunately, the stars still...")
7r0773l ("ja also ich bin der frank")
750-TBird ("This is my third account, started on 3 Sep 1999. It was comprised of an AMD K6/2-400 w/...")
7 ("Hi, wer was wissen will ... soll auf meiner Homepage schauen! ;)")
700MW ("Hi all. My name is Gabriele, I'm 48, I live in Italy, the land of blazing summer, my job is...")
7thGraal ("Witam, Mam 23 lata, interesujê siê polityk¹, militariami, astronautyk¹ i astronomi¹...")
7Zwerge ("Hi!")

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