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03SoCaCobra ("My name is Jeff, i'm 36 and I'm the Desktop IT Manager for Sony Pictures in Culver City,...")
00ps00 ("Hi! I´m Peter, 39 yrs. old, live near Munich, Germany and work as an IT-trainer. I found...")
02 ("TALK¡G BlackBox¡G Welcome To here¡I")
0gullible1 ("O.K.! O.K! So...? Yeah, I'm a BELIEVER!! ... and... I'm Oh So Gullible!! Somebody tells...")
0rion ("Me Girlfriend, guitar, computers, music, school, newsgroups, games, and the endless...")
000Andromeda000 ("Hi, i'm a TLC engineer from Rome!!!")
0hanz33 ("Been a while since I've updated and apparently I have been 21 years old for about 13 years...")
0ps ("Classifed sorry..............")
0_acid-burn_0 ("I come from Boussu (Belgium) I am 21 years young ")
0.000000000000000e+00 ("I am from poland")

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