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97038 ("Greetings everyone outthere, I was born on 17 october 1974. I live in a city south-west of...")
98Mirage ("I'm a 26 year old assistant manager of a computer store in the NW Florida Panhandle. My...")
9kx3 ("Nothing much to say - I'm a student in denmark, where I live/was born, and that's pretty...")
9of10 ("Hi folks, my name is Rene Leucht i was born in Stuttgart/Germany at the 18th May 1982. I...")
9thmoon ("My Name is Ronny Di Maio and I am a half of century old. I reside in the first state...")
96CobraSVT ("I am 21 years old. I have been interested in Aliens and UFO's all my life . I enjoy...")
91Jeep4x4 ("")

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