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2BLUE ("Crunching on this account: System 1: Codename "Aldebaran" (Main star of Constellation...")
2gether@last ("My name is Robert Preston Tonson (Bob) Born in Manchester. U.K. in 1942 . Did my schooling...")
2R ("I am 42 years old. I am from Latvia - it is between Russia and Baltic sea. I am disvorcend...")
2-1B ("“®ìŠÂ‹«F Power Macintosh G4 450MHz Dual / Mac OS 9.2.2 TOSHIBA Dynabook G4...")
2of8 ("Borg designation 2 of 8 quaternary adjunct of unimatrix 01 (The most untogether Borg drone...")
2ndrodent (aka GreyDesk) ("A thirty (and quite a lot) something bloke currently living in the den of vice and iniquity...")
260GTX Legend @ 1.3GHZ 192 GPUs ("Intel Core 2 Duo Q6600 OVC @ 4x3 GHZ MSI 8800 GTS @ 540MHZ 640MB DDR3Ram @ 1600MHZ MSI...")
2Psycho ("I'm Erik from the netherlands. I'm 21 years old. On this moment I follow a college...")
2fast4you ("Amd XP2400 MSI KT7Turbo2 GeForce3 64Mb,(DDR). 512Mb Pc133 ram. 19" monitor. Plextor...")

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