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I like the phrase from Star Trek “Space, the final frontier”. This sums up my thinking as perhaps I like many of us consider ourselves to be an explorer and boundary pusher.
Space is a word I also give a much wider meaning to and classify it into four groups;
“Inner Space” - everything that relates to us as an individual, our mind, body, spirit, biology etc.
“Environmental Space” - all animate and non-animate things that make up our world in fact to the limit of our planets atmosphere.
“Outer Space” - this is quite clear really, it is all that exists outside of our atmosphere.
“Other Space” - for me this is where we make use of dimensions other than our 3 dimensional world and universe that we know about.
Just to get you started on “Other Space”, here is an example. Think about how you as a person move when walking, or driving, or travelling on a train or bus. For these examples yes you are in a 3 dimensional world and can see all in 3 dimensions but your movement is effectively in 2 dimensions as you are limited to movement along the surface of the world. You can for a very short time experience 3 dimension movement like when you jump in the air, leap down from something or maybe swim under water but each of these are short lived as you need to return to the plane of the ground or be back above sea level to breathe.
Machines help us experience movement in 3 dimensions such as aircraft and submarines. There is every reason for us to investigate the use of machines in exploring the realm of “Other Space”.
Now try to imagine movement in a 1 dimensional plane. This would be like walking in a corridor which is just tall enough and wide enough to let you move forwards or backwards. Like when you daily travel from A to B and do this repetitively maybe you can also visualise this journey within a corridor which has bends and turns but ultimately you travel through it to your destination.
So now, what if you could create such a corridor to perform your journey perhaps even straighten it out a little.
I really look forward to advances in this exiting frontier :)
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