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For Members of Team Multinational wanting a hold of me re the founder situation. I noticed that the original person has not been on for a while and clicked on the button one night after a lot of drinks!
Am however now in a position that if we as a team wish to re-vitalise in any way can put it to the team. I will keep this note on here til the end of the month so anyone that has any queries has time to do so.
I'm thinking we could put the direction the team goes to a vote, and will issue an email once I get the time to, so you can contact myself, any suggestions and/or information are more than welcome, so please don't think I'm trying to take over, only became founder due to lack of responce from the original founder.

Heck with it, any questions, drop me a line. Just keep it civil please

Hellooooo there!!!!

Yp, I suppose I'm one of the very many that do our little bits to help the greater cause. Am interested to see how the impending release of quad core processors on the common market will affect the likes of SETI. Anyone already got one of these lovely setups or better, please get in touch as would love to hear how they handle

Ooooooo, suggestion. Why on the screen saver bit do they say they give you the option for the classic view whereas it's always bouncing around??
Find this irritating as half the time , this bobbing around on the screen makes it impossible to see whats going on! Am I right or am I bonkers?? answers on a postcard please
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If it were impossible for life to exist anywhere else, surely that would mean that we never existed in the first place, so there must be someone else out there. It's just a matter of time before we find them. If they were to be hostile and invade the world, they would be the one's looking for us, and we should then do our best to be aware of what is exactly out there, for we cannot assume that E.T. isn't packing heat
Seriously though. is there much point in looking beyond our own solar system before we develop ways to see distant places in our own time, and not merely a time delayed projection from eons ago! Then there is also no point at yet as we are still unable to make contact. Even if we were to send a message now using current technology, it would not even be recieved till well after the next millenium. The only logical conclusion would be to wait until either we do develop technology which can break the lightspeed barrier, or E.T. comes for a visit.
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