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My name is David John Schweitz, but have gone by the "nick" dj or deej the last 13 years. ( some of my closest friends have called it a mid-life crisis on my part...WHATEVER!!!) I currently reside in a home I share with my partner Amanda in Santa Rosa, California. About a 50 minute drive north of San Francisco, and also about the same time from the Berkeley campus. I am 54 going on 25 the perverbial Peter Pan who just hates to grow up...(though I will admit I have made some remarkable self-improvments in the last 13 years. I was a retail clerk all my working days, but became disabled in "01" from that profession. I now do volunteer work for a World Wide Non-Profit Org.

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Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do I run BOINC SaH?
Because I am a believer in the process. Like Carl said in his novel" I would hate to think we were the only inteligent lifeforms among the billions and billions of stars, what a waste of space..", or something to that effect. I started with the S@H screen saver a few years ago as a whim, came to understand and use the CLI, became a little compulsive with WU's and reading the BB's, as I heard more and more about BOINC, I investigated just what it is. I feel that my part, just a single grain of sand upon the beach of network computing, can and does help. I hope that when the final move to public release happens, the greater majority of S@H classic users will make the switch. Would hate to loose that 5,000,000+ resource pool, just because BOINC is differant. And by running the beta, I am helping in my own way with the simplifacation of the software, so any regular joe or jane doe can easliy run it at home.(just like me with the S@H classic) KUDO's to the dev's..............keep on truckin ...And a special thanks to Carl, for the vision that you had, the knowledge that you shared, my mind and my soul have grown because of it. You are missed but never forgotten....namastè 
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