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I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm 53 and a musician/songwriter/bassist/vocalist. Lots of slashes, eh?
I was born in Portage, Wisconsin, and raised on a small farm about 35 miles north of Madison, Wisconsin. On a clear night, you could see billions of stars. The view was spectacular! I have always been curious about what's "out there".
I'm not alone when it comes to having seen a few things in the night sky that were seemingly unexplainable by terrestrial standards. Yes, UFOs...Unidentified Flying Objects. They flew, they were solid objects, and I sure as hell couldn't identify them as any craft I've seen as a boy or later in life.
I lived in Fairborn, Ohio, for four years. Fairborn is a suburb of Dayton. Dayton is the home of Wright-Patterson AFB; you know, the location of Hanger 18 of Roswell, NM fame. I never saw alien bodies. Never saw a UFO there. My now ex-girlfriend and her three sons did. I'd still like to know just what the hell that huge, silent, triangular shaped craft was that flew over their car while they drove by the base one night on I-65...
I only mention Wright-Pat because by living there I became very familiar with just about everything that the military flies. I was able to understand some things that I had questions about earlier in life as far as UFOs. Some of the objects that I saw and was curious about in earlier years were no doubt high performance military aircraft. But not all!
I believe that contact will be made eventually, if it hasn't already taken place.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe we are NOT ALONE in the universe. I want to be part of the search. I think it will be an amazing experience to be here when/if contact is made.
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