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Personal background
Hey all, I'm "Shadyman", and from Ontario, Canada, and I DON'T live in an igloo! OK with that said... What's left to say? Hehehe Just Kidding...

I'm 16, Male, And Man Oh Man does this feel like an ad for the "Personals" section of the newspaper... I'm a High School Student, currently in Grade 11 (2001/2002 School Year), and I enjoy Law, Pets, Electronics, and Amateur Radio, among other things.

I have my Amateur Radio Licence, with Basic Qualifications. My Callsign is VA3MWL (That's like my on-air alias or nickname).
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think ET life exists; other civilizations, probably exactly like ours, asking theirselves the very same question, "Is there extra[Insert Planet Name Here]strial life?"

The possible benefits of our contact with these people are:
trade routesallies in an intergalactic battlesource of technologybeing able to answer the question of extraterrestrial lifebeing able to expand our horizons to more than only one planetinterplanetary tourism ;) hey hey... just alien chicks ;)we can sleep a little easier... (Oooh Sleep... Sounds Good... Be Back Later To Finish This...
5 hours later...
The possible dangers of our contact with these people are:
no hot alien chicks :'(interplanetary war (who cares? no alien chicks!)an enemy (some bloodthirsty creatures... Ooh Sci-Fi-ish ;) Oh well...)no sleep (everyone wondering why there are no hot alien chicks)
Humans should send a beacon for others to find, a "time capsule" of sorts, containing our position in our galaxy, and that we are looking for hot alien chicks (no, no just kidding! I mean...) that we are looking for any other beings in the vast expanse we know as space.
I run SETI@home because... I want to find hot alien chicks! (I bet you could see that coming a mile away...) No... actually I run SETI@home becuase I have a Cable Modem and a fast computer, and it acts as a network server, so it is on frequently. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination... (or mine ;)
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