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Personal background
aspiring video game programmer/video encoder. i'm a broke folk,b ut even so, i've managed to rig together quite a O.K. system, with a hexa core 1090t thuban 3.2 ghz phenom 2 at the center of it; and the processor that came off of it will be up in time as well, a quad core phenom 945 3.0 ghz daneb.

i welcome any suggestions to hardware. i have a limited budget, and i need a few workstations. i'm on a fixed income and have little extra. i'm quite proud of myself for this build considering my limited resources; my entire computer costs just a little more than 1200, and i had to upgrade in steps; i just got lucky and got enough to get this processor. i'm quite satisfied with it;

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
i dont know why i run Seti@home. if i had to think about it, i think i think that on some level you guys are lying; aka, you're looking for more than extra-terrestrials. If that were the case, then i'd be helping do something i have no real knowledge of. thats ok, and interests me. i'm willing to give my free cycles to this untill i find something more noteworthy.

my only suggestion would be to be a bit more transparent; your seti@home page looks just like every other @home page in existance as well; MIX IT UP! also, a blog or something would be a good idea; a facebook account, a forum, etc.

P.S: i forgot! the pictured pc is the first computer i ever built. that was ten years ago. ive been making computers for myself and others ever since.
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