Profile: Sebastian Bunicz

Personal background
(after 6! year break)

aka Rivshaadl

27 year old
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

Born and Live: Warsaw (Poland)

Very proud SETI@Home team founder and member:

"Short History Of Tribar"

"Date of Birth:"

TRIBAR means "Impossible Object" and refers to 'virtual' geometric figure invented by Roger Penrose (see logo). It looks like triangle but it seems to have only one edge.
(that is why it is virtual , you can't build it)
or at least that was a truth some time ago ;)
Read and see on Wikipedia
On the beginning i wasn't sure about the name
(first one was 'PJWSTK 112' - number of my group in PJIT(my school),
but when i meet with Tribar i liked very much the meaning.
(Joining to Seti@Home we all somehow are looking for imposible object - E.T signal)
First members (members from my PJIT group:[Essi& Grzybek][Ciesielski Bros(Creator of our logo)][Josiv][Apollo]) accepted it and for that moment TRIBAR has born.

We were small and only Polish group until i invited [Grzegorz Lisowski]. He ask me is it alright for us to invite other Seti members form poland and maybe not only. We agreed why not - it will be nice to expand for international members. And than suddenly avalanche started. Every day joined someone new, someone form other country. It was surprising and exciting and it still happening.

In this point i would like to say:
"Grzegorz Lisowski I Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of us - members of Tribar.
Thanks to your activity we all belong to the most international and active group on the world ;)

I Want to sincerely thanks to all TRIBAR members -
You create and You are Tribar.
I hope and believe that we will be the first one who find alien signal

"Black Hole"
When rumors spread and reality fallows that Seti@home is about to end it was hard to believe but it was also a sign of end of fantastic adventure.
Interest start to cool down and other things become taking an attention.
Today I don't really can explain what exactly happen but six years past so fast. Constant Ups and Downs - just live. It's like lost in black hole - but since January 2009 i started to cast my mind back to these good days.
Thanks to Josiv, Tribar migrate to BOINC about 2 years ago and still was doing great. From now on I would like to reactivate myself again and try to do my best to help TRIBAR to develop and prosper.

Why don`t you mail me - it's always z good time to point of view-exchange
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
(07.II.2009 - update)
I believe that extraterrestrial life exists. For 101%.
It's rather selfish to think that we are alone in this huge space.
SETI@Home was (and still is(after transforming to BOINC)) amazing and interesting project that is worth to be part of.

If you are Seti@Home member (especially from TRIBAR)
and you will be in Warsaw:
Just contact with me
- we can meet live, chat and have nice cup of coffee ;)
My mobile phone: +48-604-136-499
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