Profile: Sean C.J. Bourke

Personal background
Transfering into my 3rd year in Electrical Engineering Technology at RIT. Interest is in Communications, MEMS, and going into the Aerospace and Defense industry. Planning on continuing into a Master's degree in EE on a part time or full time basis after graduation. I would like to get involved in research.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think it's possible that intelligent life, with intelligence at the animal level or higher, is possible in other parts of the universe. I believe I read something several years ago that said that processes in the universe tend toward the creation of life. If that is true, and with the massive number of galaxies we have found, it would be hard to believe that we are alone in the universe. If it could happen on earth, then why not somewhere else?

With SETI, I think our main problem will be finding a signal from other life that is: 1.) close enough to us on an intersteller scale, 2.) in the right time frame, and is 3.) capable of signaling us probably by means of radio waves. If we find evidence of life on Mars I think our chances will increase quite a bit.

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