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Personal background
Location: Bucharest, ROMANIA

Age: 46

Occupation: Senior Software Consultant

Hobbies: ITIL, searching UFO's :)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
One of the best things in the world. No matter if we get some aliens or not, it still remains the best thing. :)
Oh, maybe you will wonder why did I say "no matter if we get some aliens"? :) Just think, the universe is so big, that not only we could be sure there are lots of planets with life at one moment (period), but we can imagine - if we didn't miss the statistics courses, like me for instance :) - we can imagine that the probability for two worlds to interfere is very small. So, not any civilization have the luck to reach another one, at least ONE!
So, think now what's the probability for us to reach a signal from another civilization in our lifetime.
But, again, :) - what would be the probability to find out a signal from another civilization IF WE DO NOT TRY...
So, then, let's get working...
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