Profile: Vegard Bakke

Personal background
I'm a 1962-model, living right outside Oslo in Norway. I have my own computer network consulting firm, and with a house and garden I never have problems with spare time (except for the fact, of course, that there is way to little of it :-)
My hobbies include playing the piano, reading, good food, computers (obviously), astrophysics, astronomy, SETI...
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
What is there to say? Statistically it just *HAVE* to be intelligent life out there (someone once made the remark "think about the extreme waste of space if there isn't...").
I have been running SETI@home since 10 days after it's public start-up in 1999, and I truly believe that the SETI@home endeavour is a worthwhile one.
So, why haven't those "other" intelligences contacted us yet?
If their technology is so advanced that they can 1) find us, and 2) travel and visit us, after seeing all the stupid things we do to each other AND to our planet, I'm not at all surprised they won't be very eager to try to communicate with us...
Please do keep up the good work, fellas! :-D
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