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Hmm.... A 3rd/4th year medic at Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK, taking a gap year; enjoys reading, tennis, jogging, and PC/Console gaming very2 much indeed. That pretty much describes me in a nutshell.

I'm 21 this year. Average height and build, though peeps would call me rather stocky.

Using a custom built Rock C2D Merom T7200 lappie with 2GBs of 667 MHz RAM, and a mind numbing (at least to me) 512MB Nvidia 7950 GO GTX card, which gives about 1400-1500 creds a day, on average.

Besides my lappie, i've got a 2-3 yr old DIY PC used for very occasional crunching. That one's got a P4 630 'Preshawt' 3.0 Ghz CPU, with 1 GB 533 Mhz RAM and a trusty X800XL Radeon Card for occasional gaming.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. Why do you run SETI@home?
2. What are your views about the project?
3. Any suggestions?

The answers to the preceding questions are as follows:-

1. I used to/still have a fascination with ETs and contrary to what my profile stats might say, i used to run SAH way back with my schools P3s ages ago (before i had my PC privileges revoked.) under a different account. Now that i've my own lappie ( a C2D T7200 with a 512MB Nvidia 7950 card no less!) and i leave it on to dload things 24/7, i might as well devote all that idle CPU time to a worthy cause.. (xcept during that time when SAH crashed for 2-3 odd weeks, when i went FAHing for a bit). SAH also allows me to test my system stability, and i'm proud to say that my system has been Airtight so far.

2. I think its a great thing you guys are doing, and although there will always be naysayers amongst us who are constantly mentioning the futility of this project, i support your endaevours 100%. Never give up searching!

3. I think you guys could further improve the official program code/algorithms for calculations better but i guess thats about it!

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