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As a youngster, I was convinced that aliens roamed our streets in abundance. Everyone thought I was a nutcase of course. Can't blame them. I even started to believe that myself. Now, after almost forty years of working with public transport (underground, bus, trains etc.), ending with thirteen years doing graveyard shifts as a taxi driver, I finally realized I had been right all the time. Heureka! The aliens ARE all over the place, pretending to be humans of course, but having no clue of how humans should behave. They are surprisingly easy to spot for a pair of experienced eyes (and ears). You don't agree? Am I the only one seeing them? How can that be? :)
Jokes aside, I finally got the opportunity to retire earlier then what was planned, and is now wasting my time writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, inspired by the alien buggers I found in my neighborhood. Hopefully I can at least partly finance my retirement this way. Time will tell.

I'll end this with an urgent message to all of you youngster's out there.
Our world is rapidly changing and the future for mankind is inconclusive, but sadly enough, most of the old folks will do very little about it. They don't like changes very much, and will not see the s**t hitting the fan, so why should they bother? The destiny of mankind rests solely upon the shoulders of you young ones out there. You are restless and awake for now, at least some of you, but mighty old men want you ALL to continue sleeping. They whisper soft and deceptive word's in your ears. "Everything's as it should be, dear. Nothing's wrong. You don't have to worry about it. There ain't any monsters in your closet. It's all fake news, blah blah blah". Please, don't listen to these voices. DON'T FALL ASLEEP. As long as you stay awake, there'll still be hope for mankind. Follow the green brick road. Live WITH the planet and it's inhabitant's, or consume it all and perish. There ain't no alternatives.
Live long and prosper / Good riddance, humans! (Depending on your future decisions)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
There are more life in the universe than we would dare to think of. Intelligent life? Possibly. I say why not? And to be honest, is there truly intelligent lifeforms on Terra? That is still unproven. A few creatures roaming the planet seems to be rather intelligent and responsive, but the others? I rest my case. Sorry. This is my cynical part forcing it's way through. It happens all the time. Anyway, I think the SETI project, especially in it's new form collaborating with the Breakthrough Initiative and using better search methods, have a decent chance to prove that we are indeed not alone. And I'll do whatever I can to help you on the way.
May the force be with you, Dr. E. Korpela & Co!
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