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I am reading books by Michio Kaku such as Hyperspace, and beyond Einstein. I jump around different electronics, and Science studies from time to time. Rf interference, circuit analysis, astrophysics, and more. makes you wonder how anyone can seriously come up with a theory of everything when there is just way to much of everything to learn, know, and explain.

I am under a deep impression that when it comes to American Radio astronomy or SETI here in the U.S. there is a deep racism and resentment of Hispanics being involved such as myself. Just the impression I get. Whites will tend to take your thoughts, and observations, run with it and take credit for it without ever recognizing where it came from. I guess purity is needed to write history.

I don't get this impression with everyone.. I respect the knowledge and understanding of Dr. Jill Tarter whom I have had brief conversations with. I do not get that impression from her at all. Maybe its the way this world WIDE WEB IS am not sure?

David M. Gonzalez

Professional Communications systems engineering technician. Interest in Radio systems design, Computer music, computer chess, graphic arts. computer flight simulation.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I have always admired the great astronomers starting from the dawn of man to the very modern times. I have always contemplated the existence of intelligent life in the universe that may be monitoring the cosmos for our presence.

This is truly an exciting time for Radio Astronomy, Never before has such a large technological breakthrough like the internet allowed the unification
of resources around the world for the collective endeavor of Radio Astronomy.

It is an exciting time for the planet, yet still it is an urgent time. There is far to much destruction of our fellow brothers, and sisters around the world, far to much destruction of our natural earth environment, Far to much hunger, and war on our planet that will ultimately lead to complete annihilation.

It is very important that people get involved with the understanding of many cultures, the ongoing effort to prevent hunger, and disease, the ongoing effort to be good custodians to our mother earth.

There is no point in saying hello if we do not as a people have the merit to show our selves not as a violent species, but as one who has evolved, and adapted to become a higher intelligence ourselves.

Unfortunately the image cant be posted here because where I posted it eliminated it.

The Bottom middle image is one I found on the internet. it is a rock in Jerusalem where many believe Jesus Christ was crucified. If you look at the image careful you will see a sort of image of a bearded man, as well as the alien image I have highlighted in green for you to see.

It has been a while since I had the chance to update my profile on SET@home. I had just recently started using the BOINC program again, and I have been researching various subjects on the internet. Do I cover allot of Subjects.

Just recently I came across an article on the NRAO's website(National Radio Observatory). They had an interesting article about a young man named Lucas Bolyard who helped them analyze data at the GreenBank Radio Observatory, and discovered what appeared to them as a new pulsar like object called a rotating radio transient.

As I looked at the data for this finding I had found something quite interesting.
On a chart which graphs dispersion over time or DM as it it referred to, I had noticed something quite odd about the pulse that was detected, and recorded.
The pulse was sort of shaped like a rocket ship used in 1950's style science fiction movies. It was very similar to the Robert A. Hienlens Space ship. I said WOW! Is this real... I mean Is this a fake signal, a prank or what. I have not received any word back from them yet after contacting the observatory ands the SETI institute yet. I just find it amazing that a the signal looked like that, I am thinking that it is real signal from an extraterrestrial intelligence that may have intercepted some of our signal broadcasts from the 1950's, and sent it back to earth to acknowledge the receiving of our transmissions. Quite possible our broadcast from the past are traveling much faster than we have predicted due to some form of ducting in space allowing radio wave to go further out. Now why a rocket ship I think to myself, Why would they send an inkblot looking pattern of a rocket ship. Maybe because it is the one technology that they have analyzed that they can relate to in regards to space travel, and how we get from one place to another so it would make sense to send a signal that is easy to comprehend. I have just posted the picture of the graph as my profile picture for you to look at. Im saying WOW! right now. I just hope that this is a WOW! signal. it would be the second one in history so far. The First one being in 1977 by Dr. Jerry Ehman of Ohio State University.
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