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I'm a 42 tear old guy that Lives in Indianapolis Indiana on the west side near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I have many and varied interests including; fishing, hunting, Boating, CAVING, racing, firearms and shooting, space and astronomy, computer gaming, reading and many others. I am currently trying to write a fictional book about caving. Although I have many interests, I was injured in an auto accident in Sept. of 1997 that has left me partially disabled by nerve damage that has caused Neropathy to start in my feet, leggs and arms, which makes it painful to walk or stand for very long, soo it limits what i can do(no more hiking for instance).
I have degrees in automotive engineering and diesel techknowledgy(I don't claim to be a good speller)and 7 assoicates degrees in different sciences related to my caving. I helpeed to draft the cavemanagment laws(along with many other cavers and national forestry personnel), and before the accident I worked as a volenteer to the NPFS documenting karst topography, springs, sinkholes, caves.
I have had many different kinds of jobs, and have owned 5 businesses, most to do with driving in one way or the other. I have logged over 1.6 million miles in a semi, and currently run my own taxi service for the last 10 years. At present I now have over 2.3 million miles of professional driving under my belt(that is more that twice the total miles a normal person would drive in their life).
I was born in Portland, Tennessee in 1960 and growing up there I was exposed to both the wonders of the stars , and the wonders below the ground so I came naturally to love both.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. YES! I think it would be totally ignorant to think that the creator made only this small planet to hold life and no other. That would be placing ourselves to be the only inteligent species in the universe and demeaning to the creator. Just look at the diversity of life on our own planet. The creator made them also during the billions of years of evolution, why would we be the only ones.
As to when and how we will find them or them find us, only the future holds that key.
Well the benefits could be almost limitless. New sciences and medicines, knowledge. I think that the beneifits to us could be more wonderful than our imaginations can dream.
Well now the dangers. Well it could be like on the movies V and Independence Day. They could be looking to make meals of us or too kill us off to claim the earth for theirselves.
Why not?.. It isn't that much to beam signals out to space, we've been doing it for years with tv and radio. Think about it, there are 400 billion stars in our own galaxy. If only 10% have planets, that is still 40 billion stars with planets. Now if only 10% of those have planets that could support life that's still 4 billion stars. Now if only 10% of those hav any from of life, then that's still 400 million. Now if only 1% of those form intelligent life that is 4 million. Now if only 1% of those become intelligent enough to get into radio and space, that is 40,000 other intelligent space faring races just in our own Milky Way galaxy. Thionk about it.
Why do I run seti@home. Ya never know maybe my computer will find the signals for first contact!
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