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My name is Sapan Rinpoche, aka, Ven. Lama Ngawang Kunga Thupten Gyaltsen. I am a former Research Assistant at Yerkes Observatory, where I grew up, living across from my Astro-Mentor, S. Chandrasekhar, and related by marriages to my Uncle, W. W. Morgan, both of these profound scientists being deceased Distinguished Service Professors at the University of Chicago and Yerkes Observatory. Unfortunately, or otherwise, Yerkes is now in demise and will likely be sold to developers and disolved in the coming year.

So I grew up in Astrophysics, living from age 7 until age 18 in my Grandfather Storrs Barrows Barrett's home, from 1945 until 1956. I was named Storrs Barrett Booch-Williams, after my grandfather, who was on the first faculty and staff of Yerkes until his death on Thanksgiving Day in 1937. As his "emanation," I was born on Valentine's Day in 1938. My service as a Research Assistant at Yerkes was from June, 1959 to February 1961, where I worked with Gerard Peter Kuiper on the First Photographic Lunar Atlas of the Moon, and then with Joseph W. Chamberlain on the Yerkes Auroral Project. Both of these distinguished Astrophysicists are now deceased, as you know if you are "connected," as you are, the Astronomical Community of Planet Earth. Well ... this is enough, but just a little update.

After a degree in Philosophy of Science, at the University of Wisconsin, I later completed long work at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Project, working with Computer-Generated Sound. I am a composer, my Mentor was John Cage, and I use the name "Storrs Barrett Booch-Williams" for that purpose [do a Google search]. In Astronomy, Astrophysics, Planetarium Science and Ufology, I have a running record from 1970, serving at Minolta Planetarium in the '70's, and as a MUFON investigator for awhile [!?!] in the '70's, '80's and currently I am writing a book [See COSMOGENESISWEB.NET, currently under construction] entitled: "COSMOGENESIS: Life Elsewhere in the Universe & The Cosmology of Consciousness." I can be reached at ... to see my websites search for Lama Kunga Gyaltsen or Sapan Rinpoche and especially go to and, my Dharma Projects. I live in "Retirement Activation" in Lyons, Colorado. I am now [you computed it already!] 67-years old and ... "TRUCKING, TREKING & TRACKING!" Thanks for reading or not reading this epistle. Contact welcome! E Ma Ho ... How wonderful!

Sapan Rinpoche ... submitted November 13, 2005, better late than never!

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
With serious intentions, I desire to run SETI@home to participate in any ways that I can in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. I think the project and all who are behind it is a Supreme Human Accomplishment! It makes me very happy to believe, hope and pray for the results which my Mentor-at-a-far-distance, Frank Drake, projected long ago. Carl Sagan, whom I knew at Yerkes and beyond, would be happy over all that has transpired since his untimely transition. I think all just need to be able to ... DO THEIR WORK!!! SETI and many of my contacts in the SETI community have been close to my heart for over 60 years! Think COSMICALLY, Act LOCALLY! Further ... SAPAN.

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