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As the oldest dragon of all earthsea I still sometimes feel the urge to help human kind. This is because of our common origin, when we all rode the other wind together.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home

I don't really think we can find aliens by examination of their sun's spectrum. But if we did, it would be the greatest achievement of human kind.
Probably the chance would be better that some aliens came by and said hello, never noticing our efforts to find them.

Still my little system has to crunch seti's wu, when there are no data for searching gravitational waves from e@h.
Or Golddust from Pirates...

or Hadrons for LHC....
or Microwaves for cosmology...
or numbers for abc, primegrid, rcn, riesel sieve or yoyo ...
or pictures for burp...
or qmc, simap, rosetta or spinhenge.

But when they all fail to give work I probably search for aliens again!
I promise!

And please, i would so like to be User of the day, vote for my profile!

Great its done! Thanx a lot to all who voted for me or enjoyed my profile! 24.2.2008
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