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Hello Seti@Home members! My name is LeRoy and I hail from the Great State of Texas. I turned 51 yr's 'young' recently. I work at a local hospital(VA). My hobbies are; Travelling(both Domestic and Int'l),sight-seeing, going for walks on a beautiful beautiful beach(ie; Seychelle Islands, Virgen Islands, Sete,France to name a few), Para-Sailing, meeting new people,cultures,etc. I am a EX-Navy man(1970-1984) who worked in the Communications Field(Radioman). I constantly listen to Radio Signals in my job(a very large part of my job!)to find the best signal to receive radio message traffic onboard a ship or out in the 'field'. I have travelled to over 18 countries during my stint in the U.S. Navy and seen alot of beautiful(And Ugly) views in various countries that I've been too. I enjoy learning new things and I also get BORED quite easily.
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I do believe extraterrestial life exists out there somewhere. You have to be a pompous individual to believe that HUMANS are the ONLY 'intelligent' life out in space!! HOW will we discover ET, well, given our present-day technology that's hard to say. WHEN will we discover ET? That's even harder to predict! But given the nature of us humans and our beliefs, dreams(remember the WRIGHT Brother's and their Vision to FLY?)and insatiable curiosity to Discover and Learn new things, I would say that we will eventually discover some form of alien life on other planets. Maybe not before MY time here on earth but sometime in the 'near' future. As far as the possible benefits and dangers of such a discovery, well, that would also depend on MAN-KIND and HOW we handle that kind of discovery. (I personally would recommend a space station on a planet like MARS with a State of the Art Science Lab to see if any type of alien form is NOT infectious to humans before we decide to bring it onboard to our planet and wind up killing us all!) The benefits, well, I would recommend the Countries of our Planet would HAVE to agree that ANY alien technology would NOT be used for military purposes but used in helping ManKind as a WHOLE!)Yes, I believe that we should transmit a beacon for 'others' to find it. The kind of info on that beacon? I would recommend the HUMAN FORM SHAPE(for now),our location of planet Earth and a recording of the different languages used on our planet. But that's about it! I run SETI@HOME because it makes ME feel like I'm contributing something worthwhile to our Science Community, no matter how paltry it may seem to others. IF I could do more, I will. Suggestions? Well, if I come across any, I WILL gladly share it with SETI@HOME Admin. and fellow Seti members for their Input(PRO's/CON's but NOT RIDICULE!) Meanwhile, I will keep on Crunching those Work Units! Later folks...Respectfully, LeRoy
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