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Personal background
Simply put, I'm a thirty-something girl who just so-happens to be an almost perpetual student. In 2002 I finished a years work for the government and after that I thought it was time to do something new - so back to uni. Then I got another contract with the Home Office and decided to keep working and gave-up uni...

My sister (Karin) lives with her little one (Shelby) and husband (Derek) in Queensland, Aussie - just near my mum who recently moved to Brisbane.

I studied at university and worked at parliament in New Zealand for a time. Whilst there I met many interesting people (and some were very strange too) and began to get interested in Asian cultures.

From New Zealand I was either going to China (to do an immersion course in Modern Standard Chinese) or the UK to study...for some reason I chose to come back to Britain. I'm not sure if I made the correct decision, but life is great anyway.

For now, I just look forward to everyday life and trying to save to go to America...then I may really settle down.

The things that keep me interested - when I'm not fretting about assignments and/or finding work and money - are probably the sorts of things that most girls my age do. They do not include parachuting (I'll wait until I'm a bit older to do that one), knitting (not quite my cup of tea), sports (unless something important/world class is on), cooking (or rather I should say, doing the washing-up), drinking lager (awful stuff!) or many other things...

This leaves some important things that I love to do, like shopping (if I have the money), browsing (when I am depressed at having no money), trying-on (when I'm planning on having the money), chatting on-line (but keeping it clean!), partying (fun, fun, fun), clubbing (fantastic times to be had), travel (just don't catch the travel bug), eating (and then dieting) and playing with my computer (and web design too).

Some of the things that I would love to do (apart from marry a zillionaire...) cover the range of winning the lottery (wouldn't we all), having a "permanent" career (as far as that is possible these days), write a book (don't ask what about - I don't know), be given once-only diet pill that lasts forever (and still lets me eat and eat), own a successful business (it costs to start one you know), and be forever young (and stunningly beautiful too).

On the other hand, I may just go parachuting a lot sooner...

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
SETI@home used to run on my laptop 24x7 - when I had the data to crunch. Now having just upgraded to BOINC things should ge going slightly faster... the Seti project is a valuable endeavour for humanity and will doubtlessly lead to initial discoveries that will enlighten our species.
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