Profile: That's THREE TIMES you've banned me even though I haven't posted anything in 3 months. You're all nothing more than approbates of the old soviet union. You're demonstrating INSANITY. You people are SICK. Get a life.

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I used to enjoy contributing to this project. I held the top three crunchers there for a while. And I'd still be contributing today if it weren't for the ASININE behavior in the politics forums. And this ASININE behavior is encouraged by the moderators. And the moderators have gone insane. It's a gathering point for SICK people now who want to concentrate all power in washington dc so they can be taken "care of" by the government. You people are stupid, Stupid, STUPID! You reject what has happened in world history time and time again when power is concentrated into the hands of the few.

You loony lefties in here have dodged the truth for decades now. The truth is out about the insane power hungry loony lefties in the swamp. And the irrational press is at wits end on how to dodge the truth that can no longer be denied.

You insane lefties never complain about the current deficit or debt. Always saying we can "grow" our way out of it if we just raise taxes on the rich. Already HALF the people who file taxes DON'T PAY TAXES AS IT IS. Currently the TOP QUINTILE PAYS 95% OF ALL TAXES. The BOTTOM QUINTILE gets back more of a refund than what was withheld through the year. We produce ~$7.5T every year. The swamp is operating with $20T of fiscal debt and it's growing every year. And the swamp has $200T of unfunded liabilities. THERE'S NO WAY TO GROW OUR WAY OUT OF THAT! The ONLY fix is to shrink the swamp by CUTTING FEDERAL SPENDING!

The loony left swamp is now boiling in DC because of President Donald Trump. There's at least a dozen swamp creatures that need to GO TO JAIL. If they don't have to follow the law, there's no one who can tell me I have to follow the law! What you crazy left loony's don't understand is that without a lawful society, society breaks down. The only thing preventing a real fix to flushing that toilet known as Washington DC is the lying, cheating FAKE NEWS PRESS.

What you sick people refuse to accept is that the U.S. government was not created to take "care of" its citizens by redistributing the wealth of those who are productive in society to those who sit on their @55's and cry about government not giving them free 5h1t every day. The U.S. government was created to protect its citizens from forces of evil who want to take away your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Not BECOME a source of evil which takes away your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Without the U.S., the rest of the world would be taken over by the likes of that fat kid in "democratic people's republic of korea" or putin or maduro or the castro regime, or the communist party of china, or any number of others who will do anything to seize all power and control.

The election of President Trump shows the real majority of Americans are tired of the lying, cheating and stealing (law breakers!) from the crazy left democrat/liberal/socialist/marxist/communists run by obama, clinton, schumer, pelosi and all the RINOs in congress. The real majority of Americans are tired of the judicial activism which is bankrupting this nation. Real Americans don't care what you crazy lefties think of us.

You can either sit around here complaining about stuff there's nothing you can do about, or you can start worrying about how to do the stuff you *can* do something about!

Don't tread on me.

Come and take it!

Give me liberty or give me death!

@55holes... Now go ahead and ban me (AGAIN) because of my profile. I know you're looking at it.
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