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Born, lived and worked in one, moved and then lived and worked in additional three countries placed on three different continents. This enriched me with approaches of different cultures to the same thing we call life on earth. I work with computers and that every day dialog for the past 20 and so years, with what I consider another specie makes me understanding that with some sort of language we can make some sort of common living enriching each other. I do it with my family and my cat too, but we are are all carbon based mamals with deep understanding of each other, and feeling that we do not want to be alone. I believe that I share one thing with each of you: We all feel desperately alone and unsafe in all this universe. Thus we are reaching for god, science or ET or something else. Sometimes I would just like to hang among the stars as I partially use to do from the penthouse roof in Malta during these fine warm summer nights (one half-sphere visible, though). The eternity and limitless of universe makes my mind wander will we ever, at any stage, be aware of the possibilities and differences that are already present in all that space that makes our universe. Our brain so small and universe so big. Our mind so deep and universe within almost limitless as the one outside. I find myself between gods of earth religions, philosphies of smarter people than me, science of facts made by again smarter people than me and possibilities of the mind. Can I ever tell who am I?
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Extraterrestrial life exists. On that I am almost absolutley sure. Simply because we are just another process of the nature as life is just another somewhat specific chemical (and physical) reaction on existing, what we consider - non living, material (or maybe better to say concentrated energy). Life could be different in another chemistry but would be surely the same in approach to the task of living. The only question here is Intelligence, does the Intelligent Life exist? Or thinking wider does Intelligence other than ours exist in any comprehensible form? I believe so, as we are an example. Tomorrow we could make computers Intelligent. If we exist and we possibly can make intelligence then we are surely not an exception in the vast space and time, as so far we are not only specie that ruled this planet. Just maybe the most intelligent one or one with the technology. However, with all our history, we exist for a blink of an eye in our time and space compared to the total huge The Space and The Time. Will we hear from our brothers and sisters, or parents from somewhere else or simply aliens, is almost a pure chance, but who doesnot play the lottery doesnot win the lottery. Even if we find each other at some stage we would possibly run again for the same game of finding others together. That is endless story. Nonetheless, as we all do things in stages, let's first find our neighbours then we will party, sit and think how to continue again with all this findings, in spite of the thing that we (currently present here) may be all dead by that time. What I admire is that all of us want to do so, so we crunch all these numbers representing signals. I admire all effort to make this work... I admire the biggest number crunching project on the planet... I admire people who make sense of all these numbers and signals... And I admire our computers that they still want to do all this boring job endlessly for us. Can we do anything better than that we do with what we have? I hardly believe so. So let's just do it!
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