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Hi! I'm Mike from Connecticut. I'm 15, and I'm a student at Northwest Catholic H.S. in West Hartford. I love sports and Star Trek, as well as many other shows on the Sci-Fi channel (Especially FIRST WAVE.....If there are any first wave fans out there who read this, e-mail me and we can discuss this great show!!!!) Anyway, that's about it, I'm not working right now, except for the normal little things teens do for their families. Oh yeah, I'm in my church youth group too. See ya Lata!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I definitely think that extraterrestrials exist. I think we will find them either through this amazing program, or in about 100 years because by then we will have some strange technology, and we will accidently kill them, starting a humongous interplanetary war. In this scenario, there are not many benefits, just straight out interplanetary brawling.

I definitely think we should transmit a beacon. It should say "We are the Humans. We come in peace. We wish to make contact with you at the 5.326 X 10 to the -34th Hz frequency. Contact us"

I run SETI because I love anything that has to do with sci-fi type adventures, as well as topics regarding aliens. I think that this is a great benefit to the continued search to find that elusive "E.T." or that hard-to-find Klingon (Which by the way is a real word, Oxford Dict. just approved it --- TREKKIES REJOICE!!) SETI is just another step toward our goal of making contact with those from different worlds.
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