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I've worked as a Network Engineer since 1987. I have degrees in both Electronics and in Technical Management and have taught computer architecture and network engineering topics at DeVry University in Phoenix Arizona since July 2000. (e-mail: ) I love teaching!

I was raised in North Carolina and in the Washington DC area. Arizona has been my home since 1996. God, family, and service to others, followed by my work, fill my life.

Science and science fiction both fascinate me. From the one I gain an appreciation of how things are; from the other I gain an appreciation of how things could be. Both are inspiring! Along with my personal professional interests, hard-core sci-fi is what I do with my spare time.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Monday October 13, 2003 at 18:08:08 UTC I turned in "Results Received" number 15,000! I've had access to additional, upgraded hardware that doubled my throughput since my prior milestone. Sunday April 6, 2003 at 08:57:36 UTC - I achieved the lofty "10000 Results Received" Benchmark!!! New, fast, multiple CPU systems allowed me to more than triple my throughput since my May 31, 2002, 19:50:56 - I Hit the "5000 Results Received" Benchmark announcement.

I've been interested in Distributed Computing Projects for a very long time and in SETI even longer. So, it was very exciting to read about and be able to join the SETI@home community. I have no doubt that there is extra-solar life. I also have no doubt that there is intelligent extra-solar life. Definitive proof, that is universally accepted, will have more impact on the world than the microchip. It will launch a new round of competition and scientific advancement like the world has never seen. It will challenge many fundamental beliefs and reaffirm many others.

We should continue to improve our passive technology to observe the heavens. We should actively look for extraterrestrial intelligence. Of course, a misplaced artifact may fall out of the sky or be tripped over by future astronauts. But, I believe our first "definitive proof" will come from our "ears" not our "eyes". I don't think active self-advertisement will get us there faster, but we should always "sign our work" as we send probes into space.

I run SETI@home because I enjoy being able to contribute to meaningful science. It works for me on many levels. Many significant contributions to mankind come from pure scientific research. SETI@home should be expanded and the resources devoted to its work should be increased.
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